Our office is proud to announce our newest technological addition:

The Cone Beam CT scan allows us to:

Tell exactly where extra teeth are located within the jaws and their proximity to nerves, sinuses, roots and other anatomic elements.

Identify the exact location of the mandibular nerve in relationship to impacted teeth and implants.

Evaluate the paranasal sinuses for inflammation and neoplasctic diseases.

See how deeply involved teeth are with internal and external reabsorption relative to the nerve

Additionally, we can use it for all jaw pathology cases, orthognathic surgery cases, tmj evaluations, trauma cases and maxillofacial and airway evaluations.

Our patients benefit from the show-and-tell aspect of the scans. Demonstrating to them exactly what we’re discussing in full 3-D color and imagery demonstrates problems in a highly visual and straightforward way, which is more easily understood.

This reinforces patient education and involves you in your own treatment while building trust and confidence with Dr. Tieu. Plus patients are exposed to significantly less radiation, pay less and don’t have to schedule out of office appointments.

Scan time takes approximately 9 seconds and radiation exposure is only 36- 74 iSv